Elections of officers took place this April and a few changes took place in both the line officers and corporate officer positions. Jeremy Coon had decided to step down as Assistant Chief after many years serving as both Assistant Chief and Chief. Stephen Baker moved up to second Assistant Chief. Erich O. Neuffer moved up from Lt. to 3rd Assistant Chief. Chris Andersen was appointed as Lieutenant. On the corporate side of the department Erich O. Stepped down as Vice President and Donald Roessler stepped down as board member now that he is Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners. Robert Barcome was elected Vice President. Firefighters Dylan Reid and Ed Reilly have been voted in as members of the board of directors. 

Spring has arrived and even though the ice on Lake George is gone the water is still very cold and all persons boating need to remember that is New York State REQUIRES that all persons riding on a recreational vessel less than 21 feet MUST wear a PFD. Also ALL children under the age of 12 riding in a boat less than 65 feet MUST wear a USCG approved PFD unless they are in a fully enclosed cabin. The water temperature is still cold enough to cause hypothermia after just a few minutes of submersion. Wearing a PFD dramatically improves your chance of survival and could prevent you from drowning.

New York State has imposed their yearly ban of burning of brush and debris from March 16, 2021 to May 14, 2021. No burning is allowed due to the increase chances of starting a brush/forest fire.