We start off 2023 with an ice rescue call. It wasn’t our first call of the year but it was the first ice rescue call. Mutual aid for Bay Ridge Vol. Fire Company. They were able to get the victim off the ice and on shore safely but we needed to continue to the scene. Elections took place in April. Visit the Chief Officer page and Corporate Officer page to see the results.

2023 Year to Date Statistics

Year 2023 calls for service – 24

Year 2023 man hours – 449

2023 started out with ten calls for service with over three hundred manhours for the month of January. February saw eight calls for service and a little over a hundred manhours. March was a quite month with only six calls for service totaling a little over thirty six manhours.

Training hours

In 2023 the members of the fire department accrued four hundred and fifty training hours. The is a combination of both in house weekly training and outside training that the members take on their own time. Most of the training hours for January and February (321 manhours) were spent on ice rescue training. With the mild winter and Lake George not freezing completly, but other local bodies of water freezing over it was imparative that we all become proficient in all aspects of ice and surface water rescue.