Fire Apparatus

Over the years we have been fortunate to have many quality fire trucks and boats in our firehouse. As the times have changed so has our equipment both the trucks and the amount of equipment have grown in size. Over the years we needed to adapt to change and to anticipate what equipment we may need on a call. We can’t account for every scenario but we have a great deal of equipment to handle most situations. Over the years we have added equipment to our trucks to keep up with the ever changing landscape of the fire service. The fire service of today is more than just water, hoses and ladders. Multiple sets of jaws of life along with a full set of hydraulic rescue tools and air bags for vehicle extrication, gas meters, thermal imaging cameras, and cold water rescue suites are just some of the equipment we carry now. Below are some pictures of our currant apparatus. Check out the FORGOTTEN IRON PAGE to see pictures of past apparatus.