The Bolton Volunteer Fire Company was Incorproated in 1918. The first firehouse was located on Horicon Ave, next to the now school ballfield. The first chief was Hiram F. Seaman, a local stonemason. The Apparatus consisted of a Model T Ford. In 1922 the Ford was replaced with a Brockway Firetruck. In 1928 the Town Of Bolton developed its municipal water system, and the company felt an actual “pumper” that could get water from hydrants would better firefighting efforts. In 1929 the company took delivery of a top of the line pumper truck, a 1929 American LaFrance, Labeled “No. 1” The “29” as shes affectionately called is still with us to this day, and she still has a working pump. In 1934 the “Bolton Rescue Squad” was formed. Fire Chief Ken Palmer trained nine high school boys first aid and they responded with the ambulance to aid the sick and injured under the leadership of James Baird Maranville.  The squad served the town until 1938 when most of the boys left town to further their education or for other reasons. There were too few to continue and the squad was disbanded. The Bolton Fire Department took over the duties of the squad under the direction of Marcus Merrill who was appointed captain annually by the fire chief. The squad was funded by donations throughout the years by Dr. D. L and Kitty Rogers of Bolton landing. In 1938, the brockway was retired and replaced with a bigger pumper, a 1938 American LaFrance, labeled “No 2”. In 1956, the current firehouse on main street was built, and in 1973 the membership built the two bay addition to the firehouse and was complete in 1974. In those days, the chief carried the “fire phone” and the firehouse had a live in caretaker who would take care of the station and all the trucks. In the 60’s and 70’s when two way radio was making its debut, firefighters had “Plectrons” that were a home desktop receiver. If someone had an emergency, they would call the firehouse and the caretaker would dispatch the call via radio and then blow the station fire siren in a “coded” sequence. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, firefighters carried “Minitors”. these were the size of a brick but they could hear where the call was and what it was for instead of trying to figure out the sequence the caretaker was putting out with the station siren. Also in 1976, the Warren County Sheriffs Dept. began dispatching fire companies throughout the county, but it never took off until the end of the 70’s.  Many changes have taken place in our company over the years. Alerting methods, trucks, and training all have changed over the years. The company eliminated the caretaker position in 2001 and discontinued the direct emergency line to the firehouse. The Fire Siren was taken down in 2005 and never replaced. The Bolton Rescue Squad split from the fire company in 2011, and became their own entity but still reside in the firehouse.


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