The Bolton Fire Department has nearly all of their members vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Almost all of the members have been fully or partially vaccinated for both the benefit of the members and the public. We will however continue to practice and follow the guidelines of the CDC by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. We will try to minimize contact with the public when we are on calls when possible. We ask the public to do the same.

2021 Year to Date Statistics

Year 2021 calls for service – 154 Year 2021 man hours – 1234

Like most years a lion share of our calls came in the summer months. However we had almost as many calls in March 2021 as we did in July that same year. There’s no predicting how many calls we get per month.

We were fortunate that we only recorded one structure fire for the year. The majority of our 154 calls were for fire alarms coming in at 48. We responded to assist the rescue squad 15 times and responded mutual aid to assist neighboring departments 19 times. We also responded to 15 motor vehicle accidents some serious and some just fender benders.

The man hours statistic broken down represents an average of 8 man hours per call.

Training hours

In 2021 the members of the fire department accrued nearly 1292 training hours. The is a combination of both in house weekly training and outside training that the members take on their own time.

Members spent an average of 80 man hours a month training in house at our weekly drills. The remainder of the hours come from members attending state and county led classes covering multiple topics including ice rescue, incident command, and driving emergency vehicles to name just a few.

Covid-19 and the fire service

Like everyone else the Bolton Volunteer Fire Company had to make changes in the way we conducted business. Following guidelines everyone needs to wear a mask when entering the firehouse and riding on the apparatus. Hand and equipment sanitizing are now the norm and many times during the year we held our monthly meetings outside in the rear parking lot to allow for social distancing. One of the drawbacks from this quarantine was our firehouse was closed to the general public, thus not allowing us to show off our building and equipment to many of the visitors and tourists that come to town every year.