Engine 335 is a 2012 Pierce ArrowXT PUC Rescue Pumper. She has seating for 6, carries 1000 gallons of water, 20 gallons of foam, a full compliment of firefighting equipment, Hurst Jaws of Life, Whelen LED Warning Lighting and scene lighting. She replaced a 1991 Pierce Dash 4X4 Rescue Pumper.

Engine 336 is a 2008 Pierce Dash Pumper/Tanker. She carries 3000 Gallons of water and has a 1500 GPM pump. She has seating for 6 and carries a full compliment of firefighting equipment. She replaced a 1986 Emergency One Hurricane Engine/Tanker.














Engine 337 is a 2018 Pierce Arrow XT. It carries 1000 Gallons of water and has a 1500 GPM pump. She has seating for 6 and carries a full compliment of firefighting and extrication equipment. The truck is a sister to Engine 335. The new Engine 337 replaces a 1993 Pierce Engine/Tanker.

Engine 338 is a 2008 Ford F-550/Pierce Contender “Mini-Pumper” She has seating for 2, carries 300 gallons of water and has a 750GPM pump and a Hercules Compressed Air Foam System. She also has a full compliment of firefighting equipment. She is an Addition to our fleet for water supply and for access to homes that a full sized engine cant access.




Brush 135 is a 2016 Ford F-550 4X4. Her Utility body was built by Arrowhead Equipment in Queensbury NY. She serves double duty as a brush truck in the summer months and a tow vehicle in the winter for Airboat 1. She has a 300 Gallon tank and a full compliment of forestry firefighting equipment. Brush 135 also responds to EMS assist calls. She replaced a 1992 Chevy 3500.


Rescue 137 is a 2005 Polaris 6X6. It is used for off road rescues and the trailer used to haul 137 carries a stokes and rescue equipment.

Airboat 1 is a 2004 Panther Airboat. She is used for ice rescues and river rescues. She replaced a 1968 Airgator airboat.






Fireboat 1 is a 2000 Winninghoff. She is 27 feet long. She is powered by twin Yamaha 250 Outboard engines. She also has a 1500GPM pump powered by a Volvo Penta 350HP V8 engine. She is outfitted as a Fireboat and rescue boat. Her Radio ID through Warren County is designated as “Fireboat 1”, the Company decided to name her “Miss Elsa” in honor of the late Elsa Steinbach, who was a local artist that lived on the lake. She felt that the Fire Company needed a bigger, better more reliable fireboat. After Elsa passed away, her artwork went to the auction block and and all the proceeds from the auction went towards the back then new fireboat. ¬†This boat replaced the former fireboat 1, which was a 1972 Penn Yann.





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