December 12, 2017

Erich Neuffer Sr, and Donald Roessler were elected to the Board of Fire Commissioners by the people of the Town of Bolton. Congratulations and good luck in your Terms Gentlemen!


December 2017,

The Bolton Fire District placed an order for a new 2018 Pierce ArrowXT Rescue Pumper. This truck will replace a 1993 Pierce Dash and a 1998 Saulsbury Heavy Rescue. Delivery is estimated to be late spring of 2018. Check back for updates under the new page labeled “new Engine 337”.

April 6th 2017

The Annual Election of the Bolton Vol. Fire Company was held. The Following members were voted into their respective positions:

Chief: Jeremy Coon

1st Asst. Chief: Robert S “Butch” LaGoy

2nd Asst. Chief: William “Griff” Lambert

3rd Asst. Chief: Steven DeLorenzo

President: Erich Neuffer

Vice President: Erich O. Neuffer

Secretary/Treasurer: Curtis Truax Jr.

The following members were appointed to their respective positions by the Chief:

Lieutenant: Eugene Baker

Lieutenant: Shawn Perry

Pump Foreman: Harvey Coon

Fire Police Captain: Gilbert Howse Jr.