1929 American LaFrance


The 1929 American LaFrance is our pride and joy.  This truck was originally purchased by the Bolton Fire District.  It has most of the original fixtures and a working pump.   In November of 2005, the members of the Bolton Fire Company decided it was time to restore the “29”.  It has undergone a major frame off restoration at Northeast Body and Equipment.  We have added some pictures as the restoration takes place.  Any questions or comments regarding this truck should be sent to Steven DeLorenzo.                                     

The 1929 at the ALF factory circa 1929                                                                  Pump Test July 1930

1929 Lafrance (640x275)1930 Pump test (600x800)

Prior to start of restoration, November 21, 2005


And off it goes!!!


1st inspection trip, December 6, 2005


2nd inspection trip, December 13, 2005


3rd inspection trip, December 28, 2005


4th inspection trip, January 11, 2006


5th inspection trip, January 25, 2006


6th inspection trip, February 8, 2006


7th inspection trip, February 23, 2006


8th inspection trip, February 25, 2006


Completed Gold Leaf, December 2, 2007